FreeMind 1.0.1 – Download Best Free Mind Map Software {Latest 2019}

FreeMind 1.0.1 software is a free mapping application written in Java. You can download Free Mind Map Software licensed under the GNU stands for General Public License Version 2. Therefore, it will provide extensive export capabilities. Consequently, you can use a different platform like Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux via the Java Runtime Environment.

FreeMind 1.0.1 provides the facility with folding branches. Therefore, it will save the files as XML in mm file format. It will allow to you export hypertext to XHTML and HTML. Consequently, it will also provide the export document to Open Document and PDF. It will export the image to JPEG, SVG, and PNG. Therefore, you can use the icons on nodes. It will provide clouds around branches.


FreeMind 1.0.1 – Download Best Free Mind Map Software {Latest 2019}

Therefore, FreeMind 1.0.1 latest version free download is a java based, a cross-platform solution designed to make the process as possible via ‘sibling’ and ‘child’ links that build your map into something meaningful. FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software written in java. Therefore, it will recent development is hopefully turned it into a high productivity tool. Users can easily to operation and navigation of Free Mind Map Software is faster. It will provide the facility to one-click ‘fold/unfold’ and ‘follow link’ processes.

Free Mind Map Software isĀ one of the best logical organization tools. Therefore, it’s a graphic representation of connections between ideas and concepts. Consequently, it’s idea starts from a central topic. It will allow them to connect them with different branches and label it with notes, pictures, links, symbols, etc.

Therefore, you create a map, and you can use your existing knowledge structure and their relation to creating a new concept. It will allow you to start connecting the dots and also recall the required information quickly. Therefore, it will show all data is represented to the user as a Mind map. It will allow us to achieved with a modular design. You can make it easy and possible to write modules. Therefore, only designing the model of the problem of creating the modules.

FreeMind 1.0.1 - Download Best Free Mind Map Software {Latest 2019}

Featuers of Free Mind Application

Features of Free mind are discussed in full detail in below:

  • Fast One-Click Navigation

Therefore, the Free Mind Map Software application provides the quickest navigation bar. It will use the navigation option only for a single click. You can press the single click then open the clicking option you can select.

  • Undo

FreeMind 1.0.1 provides the facility to undo the new task and written words. You can mistake, then you allow to cancel the option to resolve your mistake.

  • Smart Copying and Pasting

Free Mind Map Software allows to user to copying and pasting the option to easy to write any text. It will provide quick copying option to copy the data or text. Therefore, it will allow you to paste the option to past the data.

  • Smart Drag and Drop

Therefore, Free Mind Map Software application uses quick drag and drop menu to handle simple to multiple options. It will allow the dragging opportunity to the list up and down.

  • Smart Copying and Pasting From

FreeMind 1.0.1 provides the facility to you for copying and pasting from your other files or sites.

  • Export Map to HTML

Therefore, it will allow the export facilities to map using the HTML page. Some multiple HTML pages use this facility.

  • Find Facility

Free Mind Map Software or application allows users to find an option. Different tools cannot enable these features to find facilities.

  • Built-In Icons

Therefore, it will provide the option to decorate nodes with built-in icons, fonts, and colors.

  • Graphical Links Connecting Nodes

FreeMind 1.0.1 provides the facility to an arrow link, also referred to as a graphical link. Therefore, it is a curved line connecting two otherwise unconnected nodes. The Free Mind Map Software connector can be differently shaped by dragging its border with the using of the mouse.

  • Cloud Around Branches

FreeMind 1.0.1 provides the facility to manage the cloud branches. Therefore, export hypertext to HTML and XHTML formats. Export document to PDF and Open Document. It will exports images to JPEG and PNG. The cloud around branches provides the graphical links connecting nodes.

  • File and Web Hyperlinks From Nodes

Therefore, allow to user to create the file and web hyperlinks from your nodes. It will allow creating multiple files in the form of links. Web Hyperlinks will enable you to access the different nodes.


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