SPMC for PC ❤️ Free Download SPMC 16.7.4 Kodi Latest Version 2020

The abbreviation of SPMC for PC is Super Media Center. It’s a media center app to watch online TV, Music, and Videos known as the best alternate of Kodi. The creator of this software is the former member of Kodi, known as the Koying development team. Keying development team was the first member of Kodi team development, but after leaving, this team Koying developed the SMPC as a great competitor of Kodi for Android. You can free download the latest version of SPMC 2020 free of cost at World Free Download.

It has many fixes and features which can help the users at that time when Kodi app software can’t go far with you. SMPC has a separate unique id than Kodi, so that’ why you can install it with the Kodi as well. Most of the new users first try Kodi because of its more experience than Kodi SPMC 16.7.4. But many users, when face issues in the Kodi app, then they will suggest to them SPMC for PC.

SPMC for PC ❤️ Free Download SPMC Kodi Latest Version 2020

Within several months Koying added many tweaks and advanced features to be the best Kodi alternative software for android. Koying first published his release in early 2010. But until 2016, SMPC was not fully accomplished, and this was the time when Koying leaves the Kodi team. Now, SPMC Kodi is the branch of the Kodi app, but officially, it’s not related to the Kodi team. Still, Millions of users are using and downloading this software just because of its prime and unique features.

The current download strength is More than 10 million for this software in the play store. Last time it was updated on 26 February 2018. It has currently 4.3 ratings. Reviews for this software are more than 4 thousand currently. It has its repositories now. Headquarter is in Bruxelles Belgium.

SPMC for PC ❤️ Free Download SPMC 16.7.4 Kodi Latest Version 2020

Features of SPMC for PC:

SPMC For PC has excellent features.

Video Streaming:

You can watch online Movies without any lag through this software. You will have a massive collection of movies, seasons, and videos within your android smartphone. It supports all video, audio, and picture formats.

 Android TV:

Through this software, you will have access to the hundreds of TV channels on your android device. This software has almost all the TV channels in the world. You can also record the programs through this software.

Music Library:

SPMC Kodi 16.7.4 has a massive collection of all types of music, and it covers almost all the countries’ music, including local music. So you can listen to music through this app as well.

No need to Configure:

This app runs on your device automatically without any manual configuration. It will configure automatically.


This software is very user-friendly and straightforward. Even this app can use a person who has the basic knowledge of these things. It runs very smoothly on a lower specification android device.

High definition Audio Passthrough:

Passthrough is the capability to connect with any external source to run Music. SPMC will allow you to connect an external source device with your cell phone by this audio passthrough feature.

Voice search with Nvidia Shield:

You can also search the music, programs, movies, and TV channels through your voice.

Auto start at Boot:

This software will start the computer automatically when you boot your android device.

GUI Size Setting:

You can set a Graphical User Interface on your taste. You can set the resolution as well as screen size.

Priority to media codec for 4K:

This software gives priority to the codec on media codec. Because of these features, you can watch 4k videos very smoothly without any lag.


Stop video playback when screen Goes off:

SPMC for MAC will automatically stop the running video when you minimize the app.

Add support for Audio Format:

You can add the support manually to any other audio format instead of Mp3.

Remote your other device:

It also provides you remote access to your other android device or desktop through this software. You can share the computer screen with other devices. You can see and copy files from there.

Hardware requirements for SPMC Kodi:

SPMC For Windows is a traditional 2D type software. A smartphone, an android device, or a system is must require for this. Your cell should have 3D graphics capability.

How to Download:

  • The download button is present in the end.
  • Press it and install it.

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